Greenbank Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project

· Project Name: Greenbank Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project
· Location of Work: approximately 445 m north of Hunt Club Road (adjacent to the Police Station).

· Description of Work:
Replace approximately 26 m of sanitary sewer pipe running across Greenbank Road.· Description of Need:
This section of sanitary sewer pipe is on the City’s Special Cleaning list. The cleaning equipment used to clean the sewer pipe had to be excavated in September 2013 when the cleaning jet became lodged in a void in the pipe. This section of sewer needs to be replaced.

· Timing of Construction Work:
o Construction is planned to begin in August 2015 and is planned for completion before Labour Day 2015
o Lane reductions limiting traffic to one lane in each direction will be required for a period of approximately 2 weeks

· Night work and work on weekends will be required to advance the work so that lane reductions can be removed within the timeframe noted above.


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