The MWCA offers a softball program for children between the ages 6 – 13 that live in the Manordale area. The program runs during the months of May and June on two evenings per week. Provided we have a large enough registration, we will have 2 age groups; those between the ages of 6-10 and those between the ages of 11-13. We will supply the children with their uniform and all they need to provide is a glove. Registration can be done by completing the MWCA Softball Registration sending it to; we will make arrangements for payment with you. The fee schedule is listed below. There will be a year end party that is sponsored by the MWCA and both parent and child are welcome to attend.

2017 Registration Fees:

$50.00 for 1 child
$80.00 for 2 children
$100.00 for 3 children

Volunteers Required: Coaches, Assistants and Umpires