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MWCA Monthly Meeting

MWCA Monthly Meeting

7:00 PM
September 19, 2016
Margaret Rywak Community Building



1)Review of August’s Minutes
2) Presentation by Carol –Concerning Seniors in Manordale
3) Analysis of Garage Sale & Corn Roast
4) Completion of Community Day Report for the City
5) AGM Preparation
6) Plans for Halloween Party

Positive Birth and Natural Parenting



positivebirth 001





This is a reminder for the next “Positive Birth and Natural Parenting” meeting taking place on Tuesday September 13th from 6:30pm-8:30pm (2nd Tuesday of each month).


37 SHOREHAM AVENUE (the neighbourhood is called, “Craig Henry”)

-Plenty of free residential street parking
-Easy access by bus# 172
-babies in-arms always welcome!

Come join me at this free monthly gathering. Through sharing our experiences and being open and honest, we can discuss, discover, and create a wonderful joyful community, where we uplift, support, and celebrate one another on our journeys, from preconception through parenthood. Do you have a positive and empowering birth story you want to share with others? Are you pregnant or currently in the midst of parenthood, searching for information but not finding it in the ‘mainstream’? Does pregnancy, birth, and parenting in the mainstream sense just not make sense to you? One pregnancy, one birth at a time, the world can change. Come out and meet like-minded women, share information peer-to-peer on all aspects of natural family living, learn something new, gain confidence in your innate parenting abilities, and most of all, reconnect to your inner wisdom!  It is my hope that we leave each month feeling enriched, valued, and nurtured, a community of women gathered together, keeping it real. All of the infinite wisdom of the universe is within us.

Sample topics:
-ecological breastfeeding
-Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)
– all things placenta!
-If birth and breastfeeding belong to women, where do dads fit in? Dads are important too!
-elimination communication (EC)
-cloth diapers
-baby’s first foods
-belief systems and how they interfere with your intuition
-whole-life learning/ ‘unschooling’/homeschooling
-the 40 day ‘Babymoon’
-Blessingway to honour the pregnant mom
-honouring our adolescent girls and boys (example: “Moon Blessing” for our daughters upon first menstruation…)
-positive affirmations and Laws of Attraction
-traveling with baby


-knowing our options and rights as parents when it comes to tests in pregnancy, birth….
….. topics are endless!

I hope to see you next week!

Leslie Platias





Are you a student that needs volunteer hours?


Do you know a student that needs volunteer hours?

             Then we can help!!

Contact us at





8AM – 12PM

Saturday September 10th

Manordale Community Building

Time is quickly running out to rent a table at our upcoming Garage Sale.

But …. if you don’t want to rent a table but wish to donate some goods that we can sell, we will be accepting donations on September 7, 8, 9 from 6-8PM at the Community Building.

Please note No Furniture, Large Appliances or Clothing will be accepted.